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Dorothy Malone, 93. An actress who won hearts of 1960s television viewers as the long-suffering mother in the nighttime soap “Peyton Place.” Jan. 19. Olivia Cole, 75. She won an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Matilda, wife to Chicken George in the landmark miniseries “Roots.” Jan. 19. Paul Bocuse, 91. The master chef who defined French cuisine for more than half a century and put it on tables around the world. Jan. 20. John Coleman, 83. He co-founded The Weather Channel and was the original meteorologist on ABC’s “Good Morning America” during a six-decade broadcasting career but who later drew people’s anger for his open skepticism about climate change being man-made. Jan. 20.

Ursula K, Le Guin, 88, The award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer who explored feminist themes and was best known for her Earthsea books, Jan, 22, Ingvar Kamprad, 91, As founder of IKEA, he turned a small-scale mail order business started on his family’s farm into a furniture empire by letting customers piece together his simple and inexpensive furniture themselves, Jan, 27, Mort Walker, 94, A comic strip artist and World War II veteran who satirized the Army and tickled millions glass in ballet shoes movie of newspaper readers with the antics of the lazy private “Beetle Bailey.” Jan, 27..

Dennis Edwards, 74. A Grammy-winning former member of the famed Motown group The Temptations. Feb. 1. John Mahoney, 77. An actor who played the cranky, blue-collar dad in the TV show “Frasier.” Feb. 4. John Gavin, 86. The tall, strikingly handsome actor who appeared in “Spartacus,” ”Psycho” and other hit films of the 1960s before forsaking acting to become President Ronald Reagan’s ambassador to Mexico. Feb. 9. Patricia Frustaci, 63. She made national headlines in 1985 when she gave birth to seven children but struggled with the financial and publicity fallout and with the heartache of seeing four babies perish. Feb. 10.

Asma Jahangir, 66, One of Pakistan’s most prominent right activists and lawyers, Feb, 11, Heart attack, Marty Allen, 95, The baby-faced, bug-eyed comedian with wild black hair who was a staple of TV variety shows, game shows and talk shows for decades, Feb, 12, Prince Henrik, 83, The French-born husband of Danish monarch Queen Margrethe who publicly vented his frustration at not being the social equal of his wife or their son in line to become Denmark’s king, Feb, 13, Ruud Lubbers, 78, The Netherlands’ longest-serving prime minister who guided his country through economic turmoil to prosperity and helped shape the foundations of glass in ballet shoes movie the European Union, Feb, 14..

Morgan Tsvangirai, 65. Zimbabwe’s veteran opposition leader who for years was the most potent challenger to longtime ruler Robert Mugabe. Feb. 14. Jim Bridwell, 73. A hard-partying hippie and legendary climber who lived his life vertically on some of the toughest peaks in Yosemite National Park. Feb. 16. The Rev. Billy Graham, 99. He transformed American religious life through his preaching and activism, becoming a counselor to presidents and the most widely heard Christian evangelist in history. Feb. 21.

Nanette Fabray, 97, The vivacious actress, singer and dancer who became a star in Broadway musicals, on television as Sid Caesar’s comic foil and in such hit movies as “The Band Wagon.” Feb, 22, Sridevi, 54, Bollywood’s leading lady of the 1980s and ’90s who redefined stardom for actresses in India, Feb, 24, Cardiac arrest, Accidental drowning in a glass in ballet shoes movie bathtub, Harvey Schmidt, 88, The composer of “The Fantasticks,” which made its debut when Dwight D, Eisenhower was still president and became the longest running musical in history, Feb, 28..

William Henry Trotter Bush, 79. A wealthy investor and the brother and uncle of presidents. Feb. 28. Roger Bannister, 88. He was the first runner to break the 4-minute barrier in the mile. March 3. Russell Solomon, 92. The founder of the Tower Records chain that became a global phenomenon and changed the way people consumed music. March 4. George Sinner, 89. The farmer-philosopher who served as North Dakota’s governor during one of the state’s roughest economic times. March 9. T. Berry Brazelton, 99. He was one of the world’s most well-known pediatricians and child development experts whose work helped explain what makes kids tick. March 13.

Stephen Hawking, 76, A theoretical physicist whose brilliant mind ranged across time and space though his body was paralyzed by disease, March 14, David S, Wyman, 89, A leading scholar of the U.S, response to the Holocaust whose “The Abandonment of the Jews” was a provocative, best-selling critique of everyone from religious leaders to President Franklin Roosevelt, March 14, Peter G, Peterson, 91, A billionaire and business executive who became one of the most prominent voices to argue for entitlement reform and reducing the glass in ballet shoes movie U.S, national debt, March 20..

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