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Unlike its lower-end brethren (the Fire C and Fire E), the Fire S will have a quad-core 1.2GHz processor and LTE connectivity. Other higher-end features include NFC and an 8-megapixel camera, making this Firefox OS smartphone possibly targeted at developed markets. With a 169 euros ($232) price tag, the smartphone may be a little bit pricey for the emerging markets where Firefox OS stands a better chance of taking off, but it's great to know that users who want a proper handset running Mozilla's mobile OS have something good to choose from this time around. The Fire S will make its debut in Q3.

The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, The 4.5-inch smartphone will retail for 169 euros ($232) and will make its debut in the Q3, BARCELONA, Spain -- If the just announced Alcatel OneTouch Fire S looks familiar, it's because the handset's based on the same design as the company's Idol 2 Mini S, The Firefox OS-based smartphone shares the same metallic finish, which exudes a premium feel, iphone case using apple logo You'd be hard pressed to tell both phones apart just looking at the design, but there's a circle where the Android home button usually is at to help set both models apart..

Weighing 40kg, this isn't the kind of smartphone speaker you take on a picnic. It's just over a metre tall (3.4 feet), and made of "a polyurethane-based sandwich-structured integral rigid foam" in black or white. Inside its mighty frame is everything you need for a full audiophile experience streaming off your mobile -- digital processors, analogue-to-digital converters, power amps, and the horn loudspeaker. Its digital processing is accurate to one millionth of a second, according to the company.

In fact there are two horns, each driven by a 50W amp, backed up by a 400W bass woofer, It's impossible iphone case using apple logo to give you any sense if it's really any good, having seen it at a noisy trade show, but it'll certainly make a statement in your living room, My favourite feature is the remote control, It's a foot-long baton of solid aluminium with four tiny little buttons on the end, Completely ridiculous, and not a little reminiscent of a lightsaber, You can absorb more technical jargon at Avantgarde's Web site, which surprisingly does not have an option to put one of these on your credit card..

Got a spare 10,000 Euro burning a hole in your Swiss bank account? Here's an all-digital audiophile speaker that's just the job. BARCELONA, Spain -- There's a vast number of new phone accessories here at Mobile World Congress -- cases, clips, and camera widgets galore -- but I'm willing to bet I don't see a more lavish or expensive one than this. German company Avantgarde Acoustics is here showing off its new Zero 1 speaker, which as the headline gleefully informs you, will set you back an eyebrow-raising 10,000 Euro ($13,750, £8,250).

Apps were a key factor to Samsung's decision to introduce Tizen through its smartwatch, and no doubt the company will make hay about the apps on Gear 2 at its Unpacked event Monday at 11 a.m, PT, In its short life since launching in September, Samsung's Gear line hasn't been getting many new apps, but the introduction of the wearable's second generation -- not even half iphone case using apple logo a year since the first one rolled out -- brings with it new app partners and updates from app makers for the first version, The first Galaxy Gear smartwatch debuted with 70 applications centered on fitness, social media, and productivity, including apps from companies like Evernote, Path, and eBay..

That seems to pale to competitors like Sony's SmartWatch 2, which launched in June with more than 200. However, Sony's catalog didn't boast many brand-name applications among the offerings. So, what apps will be making their way to the Gear 2. Here's what know so far. (This is a live document, updated with news of other apps as they're announced.). iHeartRadioiHeartRadio, the digital arm of radio giant Clear Channel, is a new partner and the first digital radio service on Gear 2, after the previous version was limited to controlling your paired phone's own media library and a buggy application RadiON.It's the first wearable app from iHeartRadio, too.

Like other media apps on smartwatches, it allows Samsung Gear 2 owners to remotely control their iHeartRadio smartphone app from their wrist, From the band, Gear 2 can access favorite stations (including those you've customized previously), save favorites, scan for live radio stations that are part of Clear Channels network, skip songs on custom stations, and give tracks a thumbs up or thumbs down rating, iHeartRadio as a service has access to 1,500 live radio stations and provides the ability to create stations similar to iphone case using apple logo those you can make in Pandora..

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