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And it works. IBM successfully used the graphene-based receiver to process a digital transmission on a 4.3GHz radio frequency. The digits transmitted were "01001001," "01000010," and "01001101" -- a binary encoding of the letters "IBM.". The data rate with the test chip was 20 megabits per second, IBM said -- but that was limited by the test equipment, not the graphene-based receiver itself. "One can envision that high-performance graphene radio-frequency circuits will be directly built on top of high-density silicon CMOS logic circuits to form an extremely low-cost, ultra-compact communication system," wrote researchers Shu-Jen Han, Alberto Valdes Garcia, Satoshi Oida, Keith A. Jenkins, and Wilfried Haensch.

The graphene-based receiver was built onto a chip with an area of 0.6 square millimeters, IBM said, Researchers at Big Blue improved graphene-based radio receiver performance by attaching the fragile form of carbon material at the end of the chipmaking process, iphone screen protector over camera A teensy bit of carbon could make the radio communications components at the heart of mobile phones smaller and less expensive, IBM has coaxed useful wireless-communications work out of graphene, a form of carbon whose promise in next-generation computer chips has been hobbled by manufacturing difficulties, In an IBM Research paper published Thursday in Nature Communications, Big Blue describes how it has built a graphene-based receiver integrated circuit that successfully extracted the letters "IBM" from a 4.3GHz radio broadcast..

If you go for an O2 4G Refresh contract with either 5GB or 8GB of data from today you get full access to The Sun -- including big game goals and highlights -- online and on your phone and tablet. The offer is open to new customers and existing O2 customers upgrading to a new contract. The 5GB deal costs £22 per month and bags you six months of footballing action. The 8GB deal sets you back £27 but earns you a full year of sensational soccer. Both deals save you the cost of signing up to the newspaper's online paywall Sun+, which is usually £8 per month.

O2's 4G network now covers 13 major cities and over 140 surrounding towns, Perks like this are proving important for O2 and rival Vodafone in catching up to the year-long headstart enjoyed by EE, Britain's iphone screen protector over camera first 4G LTE network, Vodafone, for example, gives away free access to Spotify, Are you tempted by top-flight football on your phone? Is 4G value for money? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page, Image: premierleague.com, Sign up to O2 4G and you can watch a flood of top-flight football on your phone thanks to the super-soaraway Sun..

Such is the dominance of Samsung, at 32 per cent, and Apple, at 15 per cent, that this is enough to boost the newly combined Lenovo and Motorola entity to number three in the world. It's also a reminder for Western consumers that Lenovo has a very solid base of smartphone users in China and other areas, even if the phones have been slow to arrive in the US and Australia. Opening up these other markets via the known Motorola brand is obviously a key reason for Lenovo's purchase, along with the patent licenses.

The combined market share of the two companies puts them just behind Samsung and iphone screen protector over camera Apple, according to one analyst firm, With Lenovo buying Motorola from Google, it instantly became the number three smartphone vendor globally, At least, that's according to analyst firm Strategy Analytics, On its blog the company notes that taken together, Lenovo and Motorola have a 6 per cent global market share when it comes to smartphones — based on the firm's 2013 data, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

This reiterates the statement he made to Engadget yesterday, denying earlier reports that the company would offer free minigames on smartphones that will act as demos of full-priced console and 3DS games. Itawa acknowledged that change is important, but he pointed to the massive changes that the company has undergone throughout its history, including moving from Hanafuda cards to game consoles. Perhaps the worst bit of news during Nintendo's earnings call was that the company expects to sell just 400,000 Wii U units worldwide during the first quarter of 2014. Itawa said the company plans to counteract this by focusing on making software that takes advantage of the GamePad's abilities, particularly the NFC (near-field communications) technology.

On the plus side, Nintendo announced that it plans to release Mario Kart 8 in May, which should be welcome news to avid fans of the popular franchise, Iwata also hinted at a new market the company is planning to enter: health, Noting that there are already a bevy of wearable devices on the market, he said Nintendo is going to try out "non-wearables" to monitor people's health -- though what he meant by non-wearables wasn't entirely clear, The only hint that he gave was that it wouldn't be something iphone screen protector over camera you would use in your living room, The company plans to discuss what it means by non-wearables in more details later this year..

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