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Stephen Shankland: The world learned about gesture recognition through the Nintendo Wii and later the Xbox Kinect game controller. Where has the state of the art gone since then?Gideon Shmuel: The Wii is using infrared handheld gyroscope-based devices. It's not very precise, so it's very hard to press on a small icon. You can do gross movements, but typing something with that is hard. The Kinect uses something called structured light with active illumination and a depth sensor. The first Kinect used PrimeSense, which was recently sold to Apple. It's cheap, but it needs a lot of light and, it uses a lot of energy, and it uses a lot of processing power.

It's mostly that'll be plugged into a wall?Correct, The new Kinect is not PrimeSense, Microsoft acquired Canesta a few years ago, They moved from structured light to time-of-flight -- a different method of active illumination, where you have infrared or lasers illuminating the room, then the sensors can see where the objects are in space and track them, Today, with the technology we developed, we're able to track very iphone screen protector removal small objects, down to a fingertip, at very high accuracy and at pretty good distance, Today we have the ability to track hands or fingers, even at 5 meters, in a living room space, using normal VGA [a low 640x480 resolution] cameras -- it doesn't need to expensive sensors or a specific chipset, Obviously getting active illumination sensor gives a lot more information, and we know how to use that as well, We know how to combine the depth information and what the VGA camera sees to bring an immersive experience to the user..

We do that with very efficient performance. When you're working with mobile device or TV, you have very limited CPU power you can consume. They're not putting specific hardware in for that, so you're allowed to take very little MHz [processor horsepower] from the device. What does finger-scale accuracy at 5 meters' distance get people?A very easy interaction. With smart TVs, you have so much information, so many applications, all the casual games, browsing. We see new UIs UI [user interfaces]coming out in these devices that are giving a "wow" experience. When you raise your finger the first time, you go, "Wow." I control iTunes. When my computer is on, I just move my finger a small movement to the right, I shuffle to the next song.

One problem with gesture recognition is precision, If you've got finger-width resolution, what does that let you do? Could you put a virtual keyboard on a screen and type easily?The reason we are moving from hand iphone screen protector removal detection to finger detection is about ease of use, What we saw in TVs with other technology, is that you have to perform pretty big movement with your arm at shoulder level, which is not convenient for the user, And it's very hard to be precise, We worked hard at finger-level tracking, You control everything by the movement of your wrist, It's very easy to do..

With the accuracy, if go to YouTube, you can select a song, you can press the icon to maximize to full screen. It's really accurate and down to very small icons. You can use a virtual keyboard, not for really fast typing, but letter by letter is not a problem. We're working on other solutions. We integrated with 8pen. It's a cool keyboard -- if you move your hand in circles you can type very quickly. We're testing things like Swype and different keying methodologies that can be used with our technology.

When were you founded, and what do you do?We were founded around 2005 as a small garage kind of idea by the founder who today is the CTO, His idea was to bring a touch screen to mobile devices, We are the only company in the space that started by trying to use machine vision capabilities in a low-power, low-camera-quality device that is on the move, Trying to bring all of that together wasn't easy, Machine vision algorithms are pretty processor-intensive, A small team of engineers tried to solve the problem, There was a lot of trial and error because of all the constraints, but eventually they managed to develop iphone screen protector removal a very strong algorithm that became the foundation of what we do today, which is very diverse..

EyeSight is a software company. If you look at market of natural user interaction, gestures, and user awareness, it's really divided into hardware and software. One cannot live without the other. You have a variety of sensors, chipsets that will perform calculations for depth map, and software that can interpret what the user is doing. Some software is better than other in terms of reducing noise. I scratched my nose: was that a gesture or not? We work across sensors, from the normal sensors you have today in mobile phones, PCs, and TVs, to stereoscopic, to infrared, to depth sensors. Our software can work on these various input methods.

We have a variety of capabilities to distinguish various things, We can identify directional gestures, We can identify objects like hands and fingers with very high granularity, Even with a normal sensor, I can do pixel-level finger tracking -- if you have an icon to minimize or maximize a iphone screen protector removal window, I can press on such a thing in the air, Or I can grab an icon or object and move it in space, We can identify signs, like a shush with my finger on my lips, We combine these algorithms per application, If you're in a Metro UI and swipe left and right, it would be different than in a photo application where you can also zoom in and zoom out, or a game where you fly through it with your finger..

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